Luna Silk Hair Extensions are Sold Exclusively to Professionally Licensed Hairstylists


Luna Silk Hair Extensions are sold exclusively to professionally licensed Hairstylists.  Luna Silk Hair Extensions is renowned for providing only top-of-the line, European texture, Remy, double drawn, seamless tape hair extensions, bonded with the strongest adhesive, that provides a very secure hold for your hair extensions. Due to the professional quality of our hair, choosing Luna Silk Hair Extensions for your clients, will bring you more and more happy hair extension customers by building your client return rate and word-of-mouth advertisement. 



  • Luna Silk Hair Extensions are great quality. I have used many different brands and have found that my clients like Luna Silk the best. The color matches the hair perfectly. Most of the time people can't tell that my clients have hair extensions. Each extension has a good amount of hair and is so soft. Also you can't beat their customer service- always kind and informative. I highly recommend Luna Silk Hair Extensions for anyone looking to have long, voluminous, beautiful hair!

    Alison VigianoHairbangers Salon & Spa
  • Luna Silk hair extensions are wonderful. They last forever and stay beautiful as long as you take proper care of them. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for extensions

    Crystal Evans

  • Finally found the perfect color shade for my hair and very good quality too. In fact, I have never had better hair extensions than Luna Silk. Do not hesitate to buy LS Hair Extensions, you will love them

  • Everything is great. I didn't buy a swatch, but it still matched my color pretty close. I will definitely buy again.

  • This is my second time buying from Luna Silk! My old Luna Silk set that I wore for awhile still looks like I just bought it, but I wanted a lighter color this time. I did try to color my first set and the color turned out the was I wanted but since I could not really color the top of it where you stick the tape, I did not want to take the chances of people noticing the different color underneath, so I just bought a new set. First of all, I want to say that Luna Silk not only has the best Hair Extensions, but have great customer service. I wrote them like 10 letters and they were very patient and courteous with me. DO buy from Luna Silk. You will be happy with their tape in hair!

  • I tried a lot of different tape in hair brands. None of them compare even close to Luna Silk quality. I would ONLY buy from Luna Silk! Do NOT look any further for a quality tape in hair extension.

  • I have bought so many different hair extensions before that I consider myself an expert:) I just had to write this review to let people know that these are honestly the best hair extensions ever!!! I finally do not have to spend $400 every 3 months for a new set. These will last you forever!!! They stay like brand new every installation!!! I am so excited I have found them! They also are the least tangly and the softest to touch. And they are priced very affordably for this quality. Hope they will not raise the price. My dream hair come true:) I will keep buying!

  • Extremely nice quality! Do not hesitate to buy!

  • Love it! I will only shop here form now on.

  • I was buying fusion Hair Extensions from a different company before. I liked them, but they damaged my hair quite a bit, so I wanted to give seamless tape a chance. I am so happy that I have decided to switch. These not only feel better on my head, but the hair is so much better quality than the other brand that I used.

  • It's so hard to find highlighted hair extensions anywhere. I am very glad I have found this website. Luna Silk hair not only has a perfect color for me, but their hair is the best quality I've ever bought. I am surprised they do not have hundreds of reviews!!! I was concerned about that at first. Also, their tape is very strong. I have extensions before that would fall off my hair during the first week I was wearing them. I will continue buying!

  • Just wanted to say thank you for helping me to select my color and explaining to me the difference between single drawn and double drawn. I got mine installed about a week ago. These are by far the best tape in hair extensions I have ever had. I found it very interesting that I only bought 4 packs, but they look almost twice as thick than the other brand that I used before, buying the same weight of hair. I think it definately has something to do with the hair extensions being double drawn. They are very silky, shiny, and the tape feels comfortable to my head.

  • These are my FAVORITE!!!


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