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Our seamless tape and clip in hair extensions are both made from the highest quality cuticle intact 100% Remy double drawn Russian and European texture human hair. They both come in different varieties of length, weight and color. Luna Silk Hair Extensions Human Hair are cut from the donor, whose hair was never chemically processed; which means that throughout the hair growing process, this hair never was permed, colored or chemically altered in any way, therefore this hair is completely virgin at the time of donation.  After hair was cut, it undergoes some sanitation and coloring to match our unique color pallet. No harsh chemicals or acids are used, and the cuticle of Luna Silk Hair Extensions stays intact, which gives our hair virtually the same quality as virgin hair. Luna Silk hair extensions are carefully processed in a way that every cuticle of the hair stays in the same direction, which makes it practically tangle free. Then our hair goes through the next very important step where every short hair is removed. Although this step increases the price of the hair, this significantly increases the quality and provides you with a healthier full appearance. Our hair extensions have Russian and European texture which blends well with most hair types.

Luna Silk hair extensions can be treated exactly like natural hair. You can color, tone, cut, curl, and straighten them. Please keep in mind, that most Luna Silk hair extensions already been colored, and we provide you with a huge variety of colors. We advise you to find the correct shade for you to avoid extra chemical processing and possible damage to your hair extensions. 

You should know that the amount of hair you need to buy depends on client’s original hair length and thickness and also your desired outcome. There is no exact science to it, but as a guide, please read our recommendations below.

18’’ length, you will need from 90g-120g (3-4 packs)

20’’ length, you will need 120g-150g (4-5 packs)

22’’length, you will need 150g-210g (5-7packs)

Luna Silk hair extensions does not scimp on important things. We provide you with the strongest and most durable tape available on the market. With the correct care, this tape should last you till the next adjustment, so you do not have to worry about tape slippage. Please keep in mind, that tape may be weakened by oils, hair conditioners or masks. So please read seamless tape hair extensions care instructions provided on our website here carefully and educate your clients on proper care.

Shedding is very normal with any hair extensions, just like your own hair. Some shedding is to be expected when you first open up your set or wash it, however, shedding with Luna Silk Hair Extensions is very minimal. No worries, this should slow down with time. It only happens due to excess hair not being 100% secured in the making process.

Just like any other type of hair extension, the main rule is to love your hair extensions as you love your own hair. To keep your 100 % human Remy cuticle intact hair extensions looking the best you will need:

  • Detangling Hair Brush designed for hair extensions
  • Shampoo, conditioner and mask. (It would be better if they are sulfate free and for dried and damaged hair because your hair extensions will not get as much natural hair oil from your scalp as they need).
  • Spray for split ends
  • Keratin spray
  • Oils such as marula or argan oil
  • Hair Band
  • Heat protection spray for styling
  • Dry Shampoo

Use a special detangling brush designed for hair extensions. Brush seamless tape hair extensions at least three times a day if worn straight. Divide hair into several sections. Start brushing carefully from the end of the hair extensions, holding each section at the top. When you finished brushing the ends of your seamless tape hair extensions, carefully brush the hair from top to bottom, and try not to brush through the tape. Before bed, brush  hair very thoroughly and make one or two braids securing it/them with a hair band on the bottom. This will help to avoid unnecessary tangling during sleep.   

After installing the seamless tape hair extensions, do not wash it for the first 24-48 hours. Then try to wash it no more than two to three times week. You can use dry shampoo in between washes if the hair becomes a little oily on top. Dry shampoo will also add some extra volume to your hair. Before washing, brush your hair very thoroughly. Do NOT wash your hair under the faucet in a sink, or with your head upside down. Wet your hair in the shower with warm water, massage your favorite sulfate free shampoo throughout your hair carefully, do not rub your hair roughly, try to avoid rubbing glued seams, massage the shampoo between and under seams. Wash the shampoo off, gently. Apply your conditioner or mask mostly to the ends, DO NOT APPLY CONDITIONER OR MASK TOO CLOSE TO THE ROOTS OF THE HAIR OR TO THE GLUED SEAMS. Leave the conditioner or mask on according to instructions on the bottle, wash the conditioner or mask off until your hair is crisp. Pat your hair dry with a towel. You can air-dry your hair, or you can use a hair dryer. Do not brush your hair until your hair is at least 75% dry, and then brush your hair by following brushing instructions above. Spray some keratin treatment throughout your hair, avoiding the scalp, and then apply some product for split ends to your 100 % Remy virgin seamless hair extensions. Apply some marula or argan oil if you feel like your hair is still a little frizzy after it is completely dry.

Use heat protectant before you work with any hot tools! Try not to use hair spray to hold your hairstyle, unless you absolutely need to. If you use strong hold hair spray, be extremely careful brushing your hair. Use heat protection designed for straight irons when you want to style your hair straight, or heat protection for curls if you want to curl your hair. If you use any pins for styling, make sure that you do not stick any pins through the tape.

Our clip in hair extensions are made from superior hair. If you use your hair extensions every day, with the correct care, they will last one year or more. The main rule of thumb is to love your hair extensions as you love your own hair. That means that you must use high quality hair care products.

To keep your hair extensions tangle free and looking perfect, you will need:

  1. Shampoo, hair conditioner, mask (preferably sulfate free for dry hair because your extensions do not get natural oils from your scalp).
  2. Spray or serum for split ends.
  3. Keratin treatment product
  4. Oil for hair care, such as marula or argan oil
  5. A special detangling brush, designed specifically for hair extensions
  6. Heat protection spray
  7. Hair band

Wash your extensions once a month if you wear it every day, or when you feel it needs to be washed. Tie your hair extensions in a bun as close to clips as you can. Carefully wet your hair extensions with warm water from the top to the ends. Apply shampoo and gently massage it thoroughly. DO NOT treat hair extensions roughly. Rinse the shampoo off, gently. Apply conditioner or a mask and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour. Take the hair band off. Separate hair extensions wefts, and rinse your hair extensions weft by weft until you feel that your hair extensions are completely crisp. Be very gentle, and do your best not to tangle the hair when you wash the mask or conditioner off. Softly, roll your hair extensions in a towel and squeeze throughout the tail that you made. Carefully put the hair on top of the towel to dry. Depending on your room’s humidity and temperature, drying your hair extensions will take 6 to 12 hours. Do not brush the hair until it is at least 75% dry. Spray the ends of the hair or apply your favorite product for split ends. Apply keratin treatment. If you feel that your hair is still a little frizzy, apply a couple of drops of hair treatment oil of your choice on you palms, rub them together and distribute the oil evenly though the hair.

If you wear your hair straight, it’s better if you straighten your own hair first, then your hair extensions; don’t forget to use a heat protection spray when you do it. Then put your hair extension in.

If you curl your hair extensions, it’s better to do the hair extensions weft by weft, curling your hair with hair extensions together row by row. You can curl your hair and hair extensions separately as well; it’s your choice. Do not forget to use heat protection and styling spray before you curl your hair.

Enjoy wearing the best hair extensions money can buy!


Even though the color difference between your own hair and Hair Extensions color is acceptable and looks great and unique, most of you want to match your hair extensions as close as possible to your own hair shade. Before purchasing your hair extensions set, examine the bottom inches of the top layers of your hair carefully. This is the part of your hair you want to match your hair extensions color the closest. We do our best to capture the true color when we photograph our hair. Depending on your computer monitor, shades may vary. If you still are not sure which shade will be the best match for you, before spending money on the hair extension set, please check out our swatch store. Buying a swatch ring will help you to order the exact color you are looking for. You can also email us at photos@lunasilkhairextensions.com with your hair photo, and we will be happy to help you to select your perfect color shade. For the best results, please do not use any filters on your camera when taking pictures of your hair. Our FREE color matching service has a high accuracy rate; however, we cannot guarantee 100% precision. Remember, you can always return your unopened hair set within 14 days if you are not completely happy with your color.

Although it’s an inconvenience, broken clips are an easy fix, as there are extra two clips included with each set of Luna Silk hair extensions. If you prefer not to replace it yourself, you can send the weft back to us, we will be happy to repair it and ship it back to you. Please do not forget to contact us at returns@lunasilkhairextensions.com before shipping any item to us.