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I have always loved hair extensions.  Even though I have pretty long hair to begin with, I love having added va-va-volume to my hair.  It boosts my confidence and makes me feel great!  There are a ton of different colors, lengths, and types of hair extensions you can choose from! If you want some extra volume or length to your hair, then you should consider getting hair extensions!

I prefer clip-in extensions because I can put them in and take them out when I please.  I got my first set of hair extensions in high school for prom and I have been hooked ever since.  I wore my hair half up, half down with lots and lots of volumized curls. The extensions could not be seen and the clips were easy to hide.  They also didn’t feel heavy or give me any discomfort.  Having hair extensions completely made the look!  The extensions held the curls in all night and looked really natural!  My girlfriends couldn’t tell which hair was mine and which were the extensions, they blended together seamlessly!

For about a year, I wore hair extensions almost every day.  I love the way it makes my hair look.  I could wash, curl, and straighten my extensions as much as I wanted without damaging them.  I use the same products on them as I do my own hair!  I always make sure to hang them up when I’m not wearing them so they won’t tangle and can dry evenly.  You can also die hair extensions as long as they  made from 100% real human hair and high quality. If you did not buy hair extensions that match your hair shade, your cosmetologist can die them to match your exact color tone and can cut them to your desire length. If you are trying to make your hair long or full fast, then get good quality hair extension! It gives you the look you want quickly and won’t damage your hair in the process. It’s a win-win!

Many women enjoy hair extensions of various lengths.  When I think of hair extensions, I tend to think of long, volumized locks of hair.  However, it doesn’t have to add any length at all.  Instead of having them long you can have extensions cut to your natural length and style to add tons of volume to your hair.  You can customize them to achieve the look you desire.  Your hair can completely change the way you look.  I have done special event makeup for years, and I love making women feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.  Hair and makeup go hand in hand.  They can completely change the way you view yourself and give you confidence out of this world!  If you want to re-vamp your look and give yourself a complete makeover, I recommend checking out some new cosmetic and makeup products, and look into getting hair extensions.  Take time for yourself and learn to love yourself in your own skin!

xo, Kailyn

Luna-Silk-Hair-Extensions Makeup by Kailyn Hammers Luna-Silk-Best-Clip-In-Hair-Extension-Photo


Kailyn Hammers