Pro Tips

Luna Silk Hair ExtensionsHere are some tips of how to gain more hair extensions clients

  • Get certified and display your hair extension certificate in a visible place for your customers to see. This type of document creates more trust for you as a hair extension specialist, and your customers will know that they are in good hands.
  • If you see your client can benefit from hair extensions, ask if she’s ever heard about seamless tape hair extensions? Tell her that you are great in installing them. Explain all of the benefits of hair extensions. Sometimes customers think about getting hair extensions, but are scared to damage their own hair or feel that it will not look natural. Talking to your customer will dispel some doubts they have about getting hair extensions.
  • Use and sell only good quality hair extensions for your clients. If your customer wants to bring her own hair extensions set, please educate her about how to get better quality hair, or advise her to research on her own before buying extensions. Tell her that not all hair extensions are created equal. If you install a cheap hair extension set, chances are she will never be getting hair extensions again.
  • Be a good example for your customer. You cannot sell something you don’t love yourself. If you don’t have that perfect hair by nature, you know where to get it!
  • Use social media to advertise; it’s FREE!!! Ask your customers if you can take before and after photos of your hair extensions installation work and post, post, post! The more people who know you have extensive hair extension installation experience, the better. Long hair is beautiful to look at. The more people see it the more people will want it.

Good Luck!