What Makes Luna Silk Hair Extensions Different?

Our professional seamless tape and clip in hair extensions are both made from the highest quality cuticle intact 100% remy double drawn Russian and European texture human hair. They both come in different varieties of length, weight and color. Luna Silk Hair Extensions Human Hair is cut from the donor, whose hair was never chemically processed; which means that throughout the hair growing process, this hair never was permed, colored or chemically altered in any way, therefore this hair is completely virgin at the time of donation.  After hair was cut, it undergoes some sanitation and coloring to match our unique color pallet. No harsh chemicals or acids are used, and the cuticle of Luna Silk Hair Extensions stays intact, which gives our hair virtually the same quality as virgin hair. Luna Silk hair extensions are carefully processed in a way that every cuticle of the hair stays in the same direction, which makes it 100 % remy and practically tangle free. Then our hair goes through the next very important step where every short hair is removed. Although this step increases the price, this significantly increases the quality and provides you with a healthier full appearance hair. Our Hair Extensions are double drawn, meaning the hair is the same thickness from tape to ends- in contrast to most other companies who generally use single drawn- which tapers in thickness from tape to ends. Our hair extensions are Russian and European texture which blends well with most hair types.