Seamless Tape Professional Installation Process

Seamless tape professional installation process

Useful tips and tricks for Luna Silk seamless tape professional installation process

Every time our customer asks about how to apply Luna Silk seamless tape hair extensions at home, we always recommend her to look for a professional hair dresser, who is certified in seamless tape hair extensions installation. This way, we know that our customers will be completely pleased with Luna Silk tape in hair extensions, and will not end up disappointed due to the poor quality application technique. Even though you may have finished some brief educational course or got extensive experience with tape hair extensions, not all tape hair extensions are alike, and each requires a slightly different approach. We trust you, as a professional, to deliver the satisfaction to our mutual clients, so if you did not get certified with Luna Silk hair extensions specifically, please take some time and read about our recommendations and little tips and tricks about the Luna Silk hair extensions installation method.

Before Application

Always ask your customer about the look she is trying to achieve, whether she wants just add some volume, some length, or both. Doing so will help you to make a decision or recommendations about the amount or length of hair she will need. Invest in a Luna Silk color ring to match your customer’s hair color tone. Always make sure to match to the ends of the top layers of your customer’s hair. Before you install seamless tape hair extensions, your customers’ hair should already be colored and crispy clean. Any hair product, conditioner, or natural hair oil WILL weaken the tape, no matter how strong it is.

Installation Process

Separate your hair into four sections, straight down the middle, then horizontally from ear to ear. Starting from the neck, make about an inch and a half section. Before pulling the adhesive protection seal of your first hair extension, use one piece as a guide to measure how many pieces will be needed for your first row of hair extensions. Take the comb and part your first mini section. Make sure your mini section is not thicker than your hair extension piece itself and at least one centimeter shorter, insuring about 5 mm of hair free adhesive on each side. Apply the adhesive part underneath the parted piece of the hair, close to the roots of hair. Peel the second hair extensions piece, and put the adhesive part directly on top of your previously attached hair extension piece. Press two pieces together with your fingers. Repeat the process through the entire row of hair. Be careful to install your hair extensions correctly, because you only have one chance to place your hair extensions without changing the replacement tape. You can place your second piece beside your first piece for the first 2-3 rows. After that, it’s always better to use a “brick” effect placement, so your hair extensions would blend better. Do not put your last piece on the back higher than a crown. To ensure the perfect and strong hair extensions hold, never forget to leave about 5 mm clear, without hair on the edges of your hair extensions pieces, to make sticking them together easier. Placing pieces on the side of your customer’s head, make sure to leave at least 1inch of space between the tape and your customer’s ear. Note: for a more natural look, you can always use a sharp pair of scissors to cut Luna Silk hair extensions on half.

Tips: If the temperature of your hair salon is lower than 65 F, or your customer’s hair is still oily even after the wash, you can always use a flat iron to increase the adhesive viscosity, and help the hair extensions to attach to your customer’s hair better. Make sure your flat iron temperature is not higher than 150 F and use short tapping motions only. Tell your customer not to wash her hair for at least 24-48 hours after installation, and use dry shampoo between washes.


Use alcohol spray to remove hair extensions. Spray generous amount on top of the adhesive. Allow it to absorb, and then peel off. Use your fingers and a rough rug or towel to remove the rest of the adhesive from the extensions. When taking hair extensions off, make sure you sort them in the same order as the original placement. This will ensure you not to lose the length of the hair extensions after reinstallation. Reattach your new blue tape adhesive to our seamless tape hair extensions.


Even though some of you may find it easier to color your customer’s hair first and then remove and reapply hair extensions, you should always remember that the only way you can ensure 100 % secure and strong extensions hold is to apply it on oil, dirt, and old glue free hair. We highly recommend you to take the hair extensions off first, sort them, color and/or thoroughly wash your customer’s hair, and then reapply hair extensions, in the same sequence as you took them off. If you do not follow our reinstallation recommendation, your customer’s tape extensions may slip or peel off the hair much earlier than intended.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you and your customer be happy with your job and Luna Silk Hair Extensions!

Liudmyla Rexing