Seamless Tape Professional Installation Process

Seamless tape professional installation process

Useful tips and tricks for Luna Silk seamless tape professional installation process

Every time our customer asks about how to apply Luna Silk seamless tape hair extensions at home, we always recommend her to look for a professional hair dresser, who is certified in seamless tape hair extensions installation. This way, we know that our customers will be completely pleased with Luna Silk tape in hair extensions, and will not end up disappointed due to the poor quality application technique. Even though you may have finished some brief educational course or got extensive experience with tape hair extensions, not all tape hair extensions are alike, and each requires a slightly different approach. We trust you, as a professional, to deliver the satisfaction to our mutual clients, so if you did not get certified with Luna Silk hair extensions specifically, please take some time and read about our recommendations and little tips and tricks about the Luna Silk hair extensions installation method.

Before Application

Always ask your customer about the look she is trying to achieve, whether she wants just add some volume, some length, or both. Doing so will help you to make a decision or recommendations about the amount or length of hair she will need. Invest in a Luna Silk color ring to match your customer’s hair color tone. Always make sure to match to the ends of the top layers of your customer’s hair. Before you install seamless tape hair extensions, your customers’ hair should already be colored and crispy clean. Any hair product, conditioner, or natural hair oil WILL weaken the tape, no matter how strong it is.

Installation Process

Separate your hair into four sections, straight down the middle, then horizontally from ear to ear. Starting from the neck, make about an inch and a half section. Before pulling the adhesive protection seal of your first hair extension, use one piece as a guide to measure how many pieces will be needed for your first row of hair extensions. Take the comb and part your first mini section. Make sure your mini section is not thicker than your hair extension piece itself and at least one centimeter shorter, insuring about 5 mm of hair free adhesive on each side. Apply the adhesive part underneath the parted piece of the hair, close to the roots of hair. Peel the second hair extensions piece, and put the adhesive part directly on top of your previously attached hair extension piece. Press two pieces together with your fingers. Repeat the process through the entire row of hair. Be careful to install your hair extensions correctly, because you only have one chance to place your hair extensions without changing the replacement tape. You can place your second piece beside your first piece for the first 2-3 rows. After that, it’s always better to use a “brick” effect placement, so your hair extensions would blend better. Do not put your last piece on the back higher than a crown. To ensure the perfect and strong hair extensions hold, never forget to leave about 5 mm clear, without hair on the edges of your hair extensions pieces, to make sticking them together easier. Placing pieces on the side of your customer’s head, make sure to leave at least 1inch of space between the tape and your customer’s ear. Note: for a more natural look, you can always use a sharp pair of scissors to cut Luna Silk hair extensions on half.

Tips: If the temperature of your hair salon is lower than 65 F, or your customer’s hair is still oily even after the wash, you can always use a flat iron to increase the adhesive viscosity, and help the hair extensions to attach to your customer’s hair better. Make sure your flat iron temperature is not higher than 150 F and use short tapping motions only. Tell your customer not to wash her hair for at least 24-48 hours after installation, and use dry shampoo between washes.


Use alcohol spray to remove hair extensions. Spray generous amount on top of the adhesive. Allow it to absorb, and then peel off. Use your fingers and a rough rug or towel to remove the rest of the adhesive from the extensions. When taking hair extensions off, make sure you sort them in the same order as the original placement. This will ensure you not to lose the length of the hair extensions after reinstallation. Reattach your new blue tape adhesive to our seamless tape hair extensions.


Even though some of you may find it easier to color your customer’s hair first and then remove and reapply hair extensions, you should always remember that the only way you can ensure 100 % secure and strong extensions hold is to apply it on oil, dirt, and old glue free hair. We highly recommend you to take the hair extensions off first, sort them, color and/or thoroughly wash your customer’s hair, and then reapply hair extensions, in the same sequence as you took them off. If you do not follow our reinstallation recommendation, your customer’s tape extensions may slip or peel off the hair much earlier than intended.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you and your customer be happy with your job and Luna Silk Hair Extensions!

Should I Buy Hair Extensions? Yes!!!


You got prepared for the summer of 2016. You were going to the gym for the last couple of months, you bought new clothes, cute sandals, maybe even went to the tanning salon to get a beautiful glow. You walk on the street wearing a newly purchased cotton shirt, high heels, and your favorite perfume. All eyes are on you, you should feel like you look your best, but yet, you still don’t. Something is missing… What is it? Passing by the store window, you could not notice your reflection in there, and it just hits you again! Your hair is pathetically thin. Yes, you tried to grow it out for the last five years, but it keeps breaking no matter which shampoo you use, and it never reaches below your shoulder blades. Sound familiar?

Some of your friends were always lucky; it seems like they were born with the hair of a mermaid. Some friends of yours have already been buying hair extensions since they were 15 years old. What’s holding you back?


But don’t you cheat when you put your mascara on, trying to make your lashes look longer? Don’t you think it’s cheating when you apply your anti aging cream on your face every morning? Did not our mother nature cheat YOU by not giving you strong thick hair that you would be able to actually grow?


But don’t the same people see that your lips were not pink yesterday, and today you put your lipstick on, and they are pink all of a sudden? Don’t the same people see that yesterday, your nails did not have nail polish on, and today they are red?


Not really. Well, yes, good quality hair extensions may seem pricey, but if you think about it, they are not. One set of hair extensions would last you forever, in comparison with your gel nails that you have to redo every other week. Next thing you know, you spend more money going to get your mani pedi done in one month than you would spend for a great quality set of clip in hair extensions. Your nails will chip in about 10 days, but your hair extensions will still look great in 8-12 month of wearing them.


That’s just wrong! The chemical and heat free installation of seamless tape hair extensions, and soft silicon strips on the clips of the clip in hair extensions are less damaging to your hair than simply brushing it. If you choose the right hair extensions, you will not even feel them when you wear them. Seamless tape hair extensions, for instance, feel so natural, that they will not bother you, even when you sleep!

Why do you want to feel miserable and troubled with the way your hair looks? Don’t let your negative thoughts about hair extensions hold you from having your dream come true. Cheat nature back! Let people know that wearing hair extensions is just as natural as putting foundation makeup on! Spoil yourself with some great hair extensions this summer. Be the most beautiful you that you can be. Be confident. Be complete. Make your hair a part of your image. Make your hair a statement. Put yourself on top of the world this summer with Luna Silk Hair Extensions!


Makeup Artist About Hair Extensions


I have always loved hair extensions.  Even though I have pretty long hair to begin with, I love having added va-va-volume to my hair.  It boosts my confidence and makes me feel great!  There are a ton of different colors, lengths, and types of hair extensions you can choose from! If you want some extra volume or length to your hair, then you should consider getting hair extensions!

I prefer clip-in extensions because I can put them in and take them out when I please.  I got my first set of hair extensions in high school for prom and I have been hooked ever since.  I wore my hair half up, half down with lots and lots of volumized curls. The extensions could not be seen and the clips were easy to hide.  They also didn’t feel heavy or give me any discomfort.  Having hair extensions completely made the look!  The extensions held the curls in all night and looked really natural!  My girlfriends couldn’t tell which hair was mine and which were the extensions, they blended together seamlessly!

For about a year, I wore hair extensions almost every day.  I love the way it makes my hair look.  I could wash, curl, and straighten my extensions as much as I wanted without damaging them.  I use the same products on them as I do my own hair!  I always make sure to hang them up when I’m not wearing them so they won’t tangle and can dry evenly.  You can also die hair extensions as long as they  made from 100% real human hair and high quality. If you did not buy hair extensions that match your hair shade, your cosmetologist can die them to match your exact color tone and can cut them to your desire length. If you are trying to make your hair long or full fast, then get good quality hair extension! It gives you the look you want quickly and won’t damage your hair in the process. It’s a win-win!

Many women enjoy hair extensions of various lengths.  When I think of hair extensions, I tend to think of long, volumized locks of hair.  However, it doesn’t have to add any length at all.  Instead of having them long you can have extensions cut to your natural length and style to add tons of volume to your hair.  You can customize them to achieve the look you desire.  Your hair can completely change the way you look.  I have done special event makeup for years, and I love making women feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.  Hair and makeup go hand in hand.  They can completely change the way you view yourself and give you confidence out of this world!  If you want to re-vamp your look and give yourself a complete makeover, I recommend checking out some new cosmetic and makeup products, and look into getting hair extensions.  Take time for yourself and learn to love yourself in your own skin!

xo, Kailyn

Luna-Silk-Hair-Extensions Makeup by Kailyn Hammers Luna-Silk-Best-Clip-In-Hair-Extension-Photo


How to Buy the Best Quality Hair Extensions?

Beautiful adult woman with long brown curly hair. Fashion model over white background

There are a lot of websites that sell 100% human hair extensions: Indian Hair Extensions, Brazilian Hair Extensions, Russian Hair Extensions, European Hair Extensions, Remy Hair Extensions, Virgin hair extensions, double drawn, single drawn, you name it. Every website claims that their hair extensions are the best of the best. Before you make any decisions about buying anything, you should ask yourself if you really know the difference between different types of hair extensions? Do you honestly know how to buy the best quality hair extensions? Please, take the time to research the differences between the most popular hair extensions on the market.

Let’s Start with Origin of Hair

INDIAN Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions come from an Indian donor. It’s easily available for purchase. It’s thick, but quite fine. Even if Indian hair was purchased and installed as straight hair, it will more likely become wavy or even frizzy after several washes. It’s bouncy and light. Indian hair texture is very different from one extension to another. It can be silky or coarse.

BRAZILIAN Hair Extensions

Brazilian Hair extensions come from a Brazilian donor. This hair is soft and thick.  Because of its thick texture, Brazilian hair can withstand the long-term effects of heat and water. This type of extension is easy to blend with most ethnicities from some Caucasian textures to African American.

RUSSIAN and EUROPEAN Hair Extensions

Are similar in texture and quality to one another. Russian hair may come from any post-Soviet Union Country such as Russia, Ukraine etc.  European hair may come as from any European Country like Italy, Spain or Ukraine or any other European part of post SU country. Usually, these type of hair extensions are naturally straight, but some come in wavy textures. The texture is very silky and slick. Russian and European Hair extensions come as virgin Remy hair most of the time. This hair is considered higher quality hair, and looks gorgeous no matter how you wear or style it.


According to wiki “…The single drawn hair bundle will contain a variety of different hair strand lengths. It is commonplace in the hair extension industry to call any hair ‘single drawn’ regardless of whether it has been drawn at all. The quality of the hair itself is irrelevant to the drawing process. It is generally in a lower price bracket than double-drawn hair due to shorter hair still being contained within…” So, when you buy single drawn hair extensions, you will see that the ends of these extensions are very thin, and they will look very unnatural when you apply these type of extensions, unless you cut a considerable amount from the length.

“…The hair is drawn first in one direction and then afterwards in the other direction. Double drawn hair will have (nearly) as many hair strands at one end as the other and appear much thicker and not wispy at the end. This process is very laborious, and therefore makes the hair very expensive…” When you buy this hair, it will look very natural and much healthier then the single drawn type.

What is a CUTICLE?

When talking about Remy, Virgin or Non Remi hair, you hear the term CUTICLE a lot. So first, let us be sure that you know what a cuticle is: the hair cuticle is the outer part of the hair. It is a shingle-like layer of overlapping cells that could be five to twelve deep. It gives the hair strength, and provides protection for it. The main thing to understand is that the cuticle of the hair always lays in the same direction that hair grows, and it is very important to remember, that the cuticle is what gives hair durability and strength.

Now let’s see what role the cuticle plays in different kinds of hair extensions for sale.

Remy Hair is one of the most popular types of human hair on the market. Remy Hair means that when hair was cut from the donor, it was kept in its original growth alignment. In other words, roots of the hair stay in one end and the tips on the other. When all of the hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction, it allows extensions to not tangle.

Non Remi Hair Extensions.

Non Remi is the complete opposite to Remy Hair. It means that from the time hair was cut from the donor, to the time the hair was manufactured into hair extensions, the hair was processed in a way that mixed multiple types of hair, with non matching cuticles, together. This makes these types of hair extensions tangle and mat very easy, and they are difficult to brush. When the company does not specify that its hair extensions are Remy, it’s likely they are not.

 Virgin hair may also be referred as cuticle intact hair extensions, and it is the healthiest and longest lasting hair you can buy. Virgin human hair is hair that has not been chemically processed by donor, in any way, while growing it. This includes perms, bleaching, coloring, etc. The cuticles of virgin hair are completely intact when cut from the donor. This results to smooth, tangle free hair. The virgin hair does however undergo some chemical treatment after it was cut. For your safety, any hair, including virgin hair, is disinfected in a special disinfecting solution. Every donor has very unique color shade, especially when we are talking about European and Russian Hair, not so much Indian or Chinese black hair, so virgin hair extensions maybe colored after they were cut to provide the buyer with the desired color range.

If you are looking for hair extensions that are hard to beat, consider getting 100 % human virgin Remy double drawn hair extensions. This kind of extension is the highest quality, and lasts the longest.


Long Hair is Always in Style


We, ladies, always want to look beautiful, and be admired; that’s why we often change our style and never get tired of experimenting with our looks. Following the trends, we can conclude that fashion may change, but sooner or later trends always come back into style. There are some trends from thousands of years ago that are still popular today, and will continue to stay popular in the future.

What are we talking about? Long and healthy hair of course! Try to find an era when long hair was considered bad taste or caused a negative reaction ? Ancient Roman beauties, despite the Mediterranean humidity, were curling their long hair with a calamistrum, one of the oldest known types of curling iron. None of the old time European ladies from noble families could do a nice hairdo without long hair. Today, Milan, New York and Paris top models, and most beautiful Hollywood stars are proud of their long, shiny hair; even the first woman on the earth, Eve, had long hair.

In one study, published in the research journal, Human Nature, researchers found that women who had originally been rated by a test group as being less attractive were rated much higher when shown with a longer hairstyle. On average, it takes around 5 years to grow hair below your waistline. Sadly, most of us girls do not possess marvelous hair genes, and even if we are patient enough to wait that long, our hair still ends up looking unhealthy, dull and miserably thin. Fortunately, we live in times where impossible becomes possible, and you can get the hair you are dreaming about in a matter of hours, or even minutes! That’s why we opened Luna Silk hair extensions online store, and we are here just for you! We work hard to make sure our hair extensions are the highest quality, so you can just go to our website and simply buy a full set of beautiful luxurious hair for yourself! We provide you with 100% human cuticle intact remy hair extensions. You can emphasize your beautiful style after shopping with Luna Silk. Please choose the hair extension type, length, and color that suits you the best, and welcome to our family!